Meet Hazel!

The Munchkin

It all started two and a half weeks ago when I got an email from PetFinder that my cat breed search had turned up a result!

It was a Munchkin! A black male Munchkin! Almost as soon as I read the email I headed out the door to get him. I’ve been waiting for this moment for over six years, now, and the moment was finally here! Jayson begrudgingly grabbed the pet carrier. He didn’t want another cat, but knew how important getting a Munchkin was to me, so he caved.

We got to the Nebraska Humane Society and I promptly began looking for him. Jayson was the first to find him, but he wasn’t in his kennel.

So there he was, meeting with a lady who had probably gotten there hours before me. He ended up going home with her.

While we were there, we looked around at the other cats. I decided to find the one that had been there the longest. In my search, I found two who had been there since March 25, Hazel and Purrcella.

Purrcella didn’t do much but lay there, but 6 month old Hazel was investigating her kennel and everything scared her.

She was shy, timid and scared out of her mind. She’d been there over a month already. Her blanket slid off her perch and it spooked her so bad she ran into her connecting kennel to escape it.

Though we thought about getting these two, I was pretty upset that I’d missed out on my Munchkin, so we left empty handed.


Two weeks later we stopped up at Petsmart “just because” and checked out the cats. There we found Zuzu, a HUGE white and silver tabby who looked like a Norwegian Forest Cat mix. He was just over a year old and already easily 18 pounds without an ounce of fat on him.

We got him out, met him, and decided we’d probably take him home. It was about 6:45 at night, so the Petsmart assistant called the Nebraska Humane Society to get verification that we could adopt him. Turned out, you had to call before 6, not 7 when they closed. Again, we left empty handed.

The next day, Jayson went to Petsmart to pick him up. Upon his arrival, there he found Zuzu with his new owner, filling out the paperwork. That was two in a row we missed.


We were 0-2 at this point. I mentioned how I kept thinking about her because she’d been there so long. It turned out that Jayson had gone to see her, again, on Friday after Zuzu had been adopted. We had plans on Saturday and Sunday, and Jayson admitted going to see her on Sunday night. So he decided the next day, Monday, he would go adopt her.

After he got off work, he headed down to the Humane Society to fill out the paperwork. Unfortunately for us, the Humane Society was moving animals out to renovate the building, so there would be no adoptions that day.

On Tuesday, we both met down at the Human Society to check her out. We got there around 5:00, filled out the paperwork at 5:15, and overheard the employees say that they were cutting off applications at this point (something they normally do at 6:00). We were the last applicants they would accept.

We sat there for an hour and a half, until 6:45, 15 minutes before close, before they would call our name.

We met her, decided on her, and brought her home. It was after 8:00 when we arrived home. Jayson let her loose and she hid for most of the night.

I did get her to come out and play just a little. Once she settles in I think she’ll be just fine.

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